Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Party Recap

We had Michael's birthday party at our house on Saturday afternoon. We considered having it someplace else but decided against it. We invited Michael's classmates, as well as family and friends. The theme for the party was Transformers.

The plan was to have the party outside and on the porch. The kids were going to play some games and run around before we did the pinata. Well, it started to rain about 30 minutes before the party. It rained just enough to make the ground too wet to go outside. So we hosted 20-25 kids and their parents, as well as family inside our house. I had several people tell me we were brave to have that many people but it actually turned out really good.

The kids played inside with Michael's trains and other toys in the playroom. After about 45 minutes, we took the kids into the garage to do the pinata. Todd lined everyone up from shortest to tallest and they got several chances to hit the pinata. It took about 3 or 4 times through the line to get the pinata open. This was one stubborn Transformer! Once it was open, the kids went wild for the candy.




Shortly after we finished the pinata, we did the cake. Michael had requested a Transformers cake with a Transformers candle on top. We all sang Happy Birthday and then everyone ate cake. People stayed for a while longer before starting to go.

Michael opened his presents after the majority of the guests had left. It was better this way as there were so many people in the house. That way, he could concentrate on who gave him what gift and really get to see everything.

We all thought it was a great party and had lots of fun!


Carrie77 said...

I am having a pinata at my party, but its a ribbon one. Hope it works out good! That is A LOT of people, but it sounds fun! I bet he made out like a bandit on gifts! Happy Birthday Michael!

Kara said...

Looks like you all had a blast! 20-25 kids in your house was brave! I've got to ask how much damage can that many children do to a playroom? :)

JenFen said...

Be glad the pinata was so stubborn. The last few I got broke up before everyone had a chance and yes, there were tears.

It sounds like the party turned out well despite the rain. The cake turned out awesome. Happy birthday Michael.