Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The time has finally come.....

for Katie to get her first taste of rice cereal! She has been watching every.single.thing that everyone has been eating for the past month or so. And over the past 2 weeks, she has started to grab whatever we are eating off the table and put it into her mouth.

I picked up a box of cereal at lunch and we decided that she would eat a bowl while we ate dinner. Katie loved it!! I made it quite a bit thicker than Michael's first bowl of cereal but she handled it great. She doesn't have any teeth yet but I think they are coming. She actually tried to grab the spoon and guide it toward her mouth, as I wasn't feeding her fast enough. She ate the whole bowl and cried a bit at the end because it was over.

So now she gets it every night when we eat dinner and after a week has gone by, I will start to introduce some other foods. I am not sure what we will try next but am thinking it will definitely be a vegetable as I don't want her to get spoiled by sweet foods. Although judging by the way she ate the cereal, I think she will eat just about anything that's offered to her!

Here is a picture of Katie, waiting for a little more cereal:

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