Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Today was Michael's first day at preschool. He has been going to daycare now for 2.5 years but we decided to start him in preschool this fall.

We talked about how he would be going to a new school on Monday over the weekend. He asked if some of his friends would be there and we let him know that he would make some new friends. We got all of his stuff ready last night for the first day.

Michael woke up this morning and was particular about what he was going to wear, as usual. He finally decided on navy shorts and his flag t-shirt. He put on the nametag that he had to wear around his neck and we headed outside for a few pictures before getting in the van. After posing for some pictures, we were ready to go.

Todd met us at the preschool and we took him inside for the first day instead of going through the carpool line. He looked so grown-up as he had his little backpack on and he walked right into the room. He met his teachers and proceeded to head straight for the train table. A few minutes later, he informed Todd and I that we could go to work now!

He had a great day and told us that he can't wait to go back. He didn't get to play on the playground as it was raining today but I can tell that's going to be one of the highlights of his days there!

The one thing I didn't anticipate was how Todd and I would feel about the first day of preschool. I guess I figured that it would be a piece of cake since he has already been going to daycare. But as we were dropping him off, it dawned on me that he was starting a new chapter in his life and it affected me more than I thought it would. He's not a baby anymore or even a toddler.....he's now a preschooler! Are we ready for that?


Stacey said...

Aww... he looks adorable! It's funny, isn't it? Even with years of daycare under our belt preschool feels different.

Joanna said...

Wow...when did he get so big? And so grown-up?

Staci said...

He looks so grown up in these pics!

DuBose Family said...

He looks so much like Todd!!!! I knew he always favored him, but wow - he's getting to look more and more like him!