Monday, March 19, 2012

Katie's 3 Year Checkup

Katie had her 3 year well visit today. She did a great job with everything that the doctor and nurse asked her to do. Katie is 41.75 inches tall, which is over 100% for girls her age and weighs 36 lbs, which is 89%. She gained 8 lbs since last year and I was very surprised.

She had to get her finger pricked to test her cholesterol and iron. Katie never even flinched when that happened. Both results were fine. Then she had to pee in a cup, which she has never done before, and hit it on the first try. She also got one shot and that was probably the worst part of the whole appointment. Katie only got one shot today, which I wasn't expecting. The doctor has moved one of the shots from the 4 year checkup to the 3 year checkup, which is good because the 4 year checkup has so many shots.

As a treat after the appointment, we stopped and got lunch at McDonald's. Katie was so happy to get some french fries.

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