Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Katie

Today Katie turns 3! I am having a really hard time accepting that, although I am not sure why since a lot of people already think she is 3 or even 4 due to the fact that she is so tall. Maybe it's because she is our baby and I want to cherish every moment of these years.

The past year has been a year of growing into a little girl from a toddler. She has really blossomed into a person with her own thoughts and feelings. Her communication skills amaze me on a daily basis and I love the fact that I can explain things to her and she understands. You would think that her ability to communicate would lead to less screaming but she is a typical child of her age in that respect.

Some of Katie's favorite things are anything related to Dora, reading books over and over again (especially rhyming ones), spending time with Mommy, Daddy and Michael, and playing with her friends. She enjoys being outside, whether it's at the playground or just in the backyard.

Katie finally climbed out of the crib so we moved her into a big girl bed. She looks so tiny in the full sized bed. Katie also learned to use the potty and is trained for day and nighttime. I can honestly say that this is one milestone I welcomed happily! Since moving into the bed and learning to use the potty, this has made bedtime a more difficult time. Katie likes to get out of the bed several times a night. Last night we found her asleep in our bed when we came up to go to bed.

The relationship between Katie and Michael has really blossomed over the past year. He can go out of his way to be really nice to her and she really looks up to her big brother. She wants to do what he does and likes to play with him. It's been nice to watch them play toys without constant supervision.

Katie brings us such joy, even when she is pushing the limits and challenging us. Having a daughter is awesome and we love having Katie as ours! Happy 3rd birthday Katie....Mommy, Daddy and Michael all love you very much.


Beth said...

Happy birthday Katie! Hope you have a special day.

The smile on her face in the second picture says it all. Adorable! (Love the shirt, too!)

Carrie77 said...

What a cutie. I know, 3 seemed so big to me... especially when Autumn is my baby. Hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Janna said...

She's so beautiful and happy! I hope she has a wonderful birthday.

(um, that newborn picture should come with a warning; now my ovaries hurt :)

LauraC said...

Happy happy birthday Katie!!