Thursday, January 7, 2010

Michael's 1st Burn

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Michael really enjoys cooking and baking with me in the kitchen. He usually does pretty well staying away from the burners on the stovetop. We have a smooth cooktop so the burners can be dark and still be hot. The only way you would know that was if you saw the red light on the back.

I had been cooking some ground beef and took the pan to the sink to drain the meat. Michael was standing on his stool at the stovetop and leaned his hand on the burner that I had just been cooking on. The burner was not lit up and Michael didn't know that it was hot.

We got the Mickey Mouse ice pack that I have for bumps and bruises and applied it to Michael's hands. He was OK for a little while and then he took a shower and his hands got wet. They were really hurting him and he didn't calm down until he got in bed with his ice pack and Todd.

This morning we checked his hands and he had a few small blisters on the fingertips but he wasn't crying nearly as much that they hurt as Wednesday. Hopefully he has learned his lesson about touching things that he shouldn't. We are thankful that he didn't get more hurt and the burn wasn't more severe!


Steph said...

Poor little man. Cooper loves to cook too, so I am worried this will happen to him one day also.

Carrie77 said...

Oh how scary! I have heard burns on the hands can be severe so I am glad he didn't hurt himself too bad. Poor guy!