Thursday, January 29, 2009


I love numbers. Anyone who knows me knows that. I should work in a profession that has to do with numbers, instead of letters. So I thought it was only fitting that I highlight the number 33 this week. Today is my 33rd birthday and I will be 33 weeks pregnant on Saturday. I think it's neat when numbers come together like that. I enjoyed celebrating my 29th birthday on the 29th a few years ago.

And I have already been thinking about numbers when it comes to other family birthdays. Todd and Michael are both born on the 16th of their birth month and Katie will most likely be born on the 16th of March. I will be the odd one out, but that's OK because it will be easy to remember everyone else's birthday.

Maybe someday I will do something with my love of numbers but for now, I will just continue to enjoy the relationships of numbers in my everyday life!


Jessica and Jason said...

How neat, Karen! Isn't 33 great? :)

Mel said...

Happy birthday! 33 is a neat number for you!