Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tree Farm

We headed out to Harmon's Tree Farm today. The weather was beautiful today and it hardly even felt like it was mid December. We were bundled up and managed to get some nice pictures on the train as well as in the fields where they grow the trees.

Michael really enjoyed the train ride through the fields once we got going. He was a bit scared at first but he usually is that way when he experiences something for the first time.

After we got off of the train, we headed back inside to see Santa. We had looked at Santa on our way in and tried to get Michael to sit on his lap but he wasn't interested. When Michael saw him for the second time, he actually sat on his lap and talked to him for a minute before getting a treat.

We drank some hot chocolate and ate some fudge before heading home for the afternoon. We didn't get our tree from there as the type that we like is not grown in South Carolina. Looking forward to making this an annual tradition!!

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