Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We are expecting....

Baby #2 on March 21st! I am sure that you had an idea of what I was going to say in the title, especially if we have talked/emailed in the past few months. I realized that I have never blogged about being pregnant again. It's not that I am not excited; in fact, the opposite is true. I think I am even more excited this time because I know how wonderful it can be to have a child and be a mom!

We had our big u/s on Friday, November 7th. Todd and I did decide to find out the gender. I wouldn't have minded it being a surprise but we wanted to be able to plan the nursery and not be gender-neutral. So we went in and the u/s tech started looking at the baby. You could see the baby open its' mouth and close it over and over. It was pretty neat and the baby was really cooperating for the u/s tech. We saw the head, brain, spine, two arms and two legs. Everything looks great and the baby is measuring right on schedule. Of course, I am sure you are wondering the big question: boy or girl?


We are very happy that our baby is healthy and are looking forward to having a little girl. I think Michael will make a great big brother and he will be able to protect her when they get older. When she is dating, the guys will have to pass the scrutiny of her father and older brother. But that is far away!!

Michael doesn't quite understand what's going on but knows that there is a baby in Mommy's tummy. He is very sweet and will kiss the baby when I ask him to. I told him that he was going to have a baby sister and he said "Baby Kaitlyn", which is our friend's little girl. He thinks all babies are Kaitlyn, which is pretty cute. I am looking forward to seeing how he reacts when our little girl finally arrives here. I am hoping he will adapt to the change and we are preparing him as much as we can now. We ordered this furniture for his new "big boy" bedroom and it's awesome. I wouldn't mind sleeping on it at all.

Here is a picture of me at 18w 5d:
18w 5d


Joanna said...

About time ; )

I know I said it before, but I really think Michael is going to be a great big brother. The adjustment will be a litle tough at first, but they will love having someone to grow up wiht.

Steph said...


Staci said...

You look so cute!

manda said...

Congrats on the baby girl! How did you last not telling anyone!

DuBose Family said...

Cute, cute furniture! I love the drawer/steps and all the shelves and storage. What stain did you get? I think Michael will love it!! Will you roll it in as a Christmas present for him?