Thursday, February 21, 2008


I had really hoped that 2008 wouldn't start out the same way that 2007 did. And it didn't for the first two weeks. Then the sickness hit our house. Todd had strep throat and Michael had a sinus infection. They were both on antibiotics for 10 days. A week later, Todd had bronchitis and a week after that, Michael had bronchitis and strep throat. Through it all, I have been fortunate and blessed enough to not catch any of this!

I finally thought that things were starting to look good for my sick men when I got a call yesterday that Michael was running a 102 fever. I took him home, gave him a bath to cool him down, we ate dinner and he went to bed early. When he got up this morning, there was no trace of the fever! We went to the doctor again and he tested negative for strep and the flu, thankfully. I don't know what he had but I hope that this is the end of sickness in our house for a while. Maybe we can take the quarantine sign down now......


Staci said...

I hope that the germs stay away!!

I also have to say that I'm so proud of your blogging this year!!

Jessica and Jason said...

Hope everyone's now on the mend and STAYS there! :)