Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Water Balloon Fun

I went to the pool on Monday with Michael, Katie and the 3 kids I was watching for the day.  I was exhausted after that.  I think the ratio of 1:5 was a bit much.  It was still hot out today though and the kids wanted to play with water balloons.  So I set up the slip and slide in the backyard, along with the play slide and filled 36 water balloons.  My finger was so sore after tying all of those balloons.  You would think someone would come up with a better way to fill the balloons!

The kids wanted to play with the balloons but didn't want them to break right away.  They took turns rolling the balloons down the slide into the water and following them down.  It was a great way to keep cool but kept it interesting.  At the end of the playtime, they took turns breaking the ones that were left before heading on the porch to eat popsicles.  I love summer fun!

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Carrie77 said...

I love throwing water balloons, I hate filling them. Someone needs to event a better water balloon. Or, maybe I need to stop buying the cheapy ones! Lol!