Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good News

This afternoon was another follow-up appointment for Michael's ear surgery. Since it had been two months since the surgery, he was also scheduled for a hearing test today.

The hearing test was the first part of the appointment. As soon as we went into the room, he cooperated with the audiologist. He was placed into a little room inside the room we went into and she closed the door. She put on some headphones and read Michael words that she wanted him to repeat. There were also a series of beeps that Michael had to raise his hand when he heard them. After the test was over, the audiologist told me that Michael's hearing was within the normal range. This was quite a relief as I was worried that he couldn't hear because his ear was still healing.

We went into the exam room and waited for the doctor to come in. He came in and did his exam of Michael's ear. Michael cannot stand to have him clean the wax out of his ear and he always does this. I came prepared to the appointment this time. I told Michael that as long as he didn't scream or start trying to escape that I would take him to Sonic afterwards so he could get a "green drink". For whatever reason, it worked this time. The doctor said that everything looked good and the graft is taking nicely on the eardrum. What a relief! It's always nice to get good news for a change.