Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Glimpse into Michael's Future

Yesterday we had some friends over with their daughters. They are a few years older than Michael but he loves playing with them. He gets so excited whenever we tell him they are coming over.

Michael has a Power Wheels Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He rides the motorcycle all over the yard, circling the house. Since it was such a nice day yesterday, we spent a good bit of the afternoon outside. My friend and I were sitting on the porch with Katie when the motorcycle drove by. Her daughters and Michael were taking turns riding the motorcycle, two kids at a time. One of her daughters was on the front of the motorcycle driving it and Michael was sitting behind her, holding on with his hands around her waist. We joked with each other and commented that what we were seeing could become a reality someday!

It's hard to imagine Michael as a teenager and even harder for me to imagine him riding a motorcycle with a girl. But it was so cute to watch them as kids! I only wish I would have thought to take a picture of them but we were having too much fun watching.


Joanna said...

Oh my, already picking up girls with his motorcycle. I hope he stays away from real motorcycles for some time.

Heidi O said...

Motorcycle mayhem! Sounds like they had fun and watch out when he asks for one instead of a car.... lol