Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Katie's Nursery

We finally have Katie's room almost ready to go. The only finishing touches we need to put on it are a clock and growth chart. Since she moved into Michael's old room, we wanted to do something to make it different for her. Todd decided to paint the main focal wall pink and I think it turned out great. We also did new curtains and girly bedding, of course.

Here are some pictures of the nursery for our impending arrival:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Michael's New Room

When we found out that we were expecting baby #2, we debated on what room the kids should go in. If #2 was another boy, then we wanted to get furniture that both of them could use, as we planned to have them share a room for a few years when they were a bit older. Well, #2 is going to be a girl so they will not be sharing a room. We decided to move Michael into our current guest room and put Katie into Michael's old room, as it was already set up for a nursery. We did plan to do some updates to the nursery to make it more girly and we have been working hard on that. It's not quite done yet. But Michael's new room finally is and we would love to share it with you.

Michael's room is primarily done in a Cars theme but also has sports items in there too. We also tied in the colors red and blue, which we thought were great for a little boy. We ended up getting him a loft bed with a twin bed on top and a full bed on the bottom. It also has steps leading up to the top instead of a ladder. Because of this safety feature, Michael already sleeps up top! And he loves his new bed. We really had to fight him on getting him to sleep in the toddler bed and he tried to get out every night. We rarely see him since we moved him into his new room about 2 months ago. We also wanted to give him time to get adjusted to his room so he wouldn't think that he was being displaced from the nursery.

Here are some pictures of Michael's new room (and of course, a few of Michael in his room).....we love it and think you will too!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost or Broken?

I can't decide which is better with a 2 year old: lost or broken. Before I had Michael, I would have said broken because at least you know where it is and maybe you can fix it. Now I am up in the air about it. With lost, there is hope that it will be found and it will not be broken too. With broken and a 2 year old, it's just that....broken!

Last week we had lost AND broken. Michael's glasses broke on Friday when he tripped and fell into something while playing outside at daycare. Lost was his right shoe insert that the physical therapist noticed on Tuesday. I know he had it that morning so it had to be somewhere at daycare or at the PT clinic. Michael knows how to take the insert out so it could be anywhere at those places. I asked him where it was as we were leaving the PT office and he tells me that a little girl from his daycare class took it. He blames a lot of stuff on this particular child and I am not sure why. He maintained his story for the whole week.

I took Michael's glasses yesterday to be repaired and unfortunately, he is going to need a new set of frames. I guess I can't complain too much as he is two years old and one pair lasted him 8 months. Not bad, considering he wears them every day and plays pretty rough. They had held up well so far but I guess you can only bend them back into place so many times. The optician ordered a replacement pair and they will be in later this week or early next week.

Lost became gone as the week went on. His teachers looked everywhere for the insert and the director reviewed the daily tapes to see if they could find out what happened to it. It was killing me to not know where they were. It's almost like wanting to say something and then forgetting what it is by the time you have a chance to say it. It was finally determined that the shoe insert was thrown out by one of the older kids. I think it came out on the playground and someone picked it up and showed it to their teacher, who didn't know what it was. But at least, it's no longer lost and I don't have to wonder if it will be found after we get a replacement. And the daycare is going to pay for the replacement, which I really appreciate.

So given the choice between lost or broken, I still can't decide. However, with a 2 year old boy and a little girl on the way, I am leaning more towards broken because I don't think I will have much time to worry about lost!

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's all coming together.....

We have been working on the house for the past few months, getting ready for Katie's arrival, as well as trying to finish up some outstanding home projects. This weekend Todd painted Katie's room. She is going to be in Michael's old room but we wanted to give it a new look. Todd decided that he would paint one wall as an accent wall and we chose a beautiful pink. He got it done this weekend. I would post pictures but all of the furniture is still in the middle of the room.

Our master bathroom is finally completed and I have to finish cleaning it. It turned out great and we can now move back in there. This is a relief because our hall bathroom is too small for 3 people to be using on a daily basis, with all of our toothbrushes and other toiletries. That will be next on my cleaning list!

I am anxious for our house to get back to "normal" before Katie gets here so that I have a little time to enjoy all the projects that have been completed. Hopefully, she gives me the opportunity!

Monday, February 9, 2009

5 weeks left....

Well, I haven't actually scheduled the c-section date yet but we are hoping to have Katie on March 16, 2009. This is 5 weeks from today. It seems so close yet so far away. Things are finally coming together at the house and we just finished up with Michael's new room.

We are going to start working on the nursery this week. This should actually be pretty easy to decorate as we are mainly keeping things the same in the room. We have already gotten the bedding and need to change the toddler bed back into the crib. We are going to put some pink accents in the room and put Katie's name on the wall, like we had with Michael. I am excited to see how much different it looks with a baby girl in there!!

We have been extremely fortunate to have several people lend us baby clothes and have already been talking about how clothes will be the one thing this girl does not have a shortage of! There are such cute things for little girls to wear and I can't wait to dress Katie. I tell people that boys have the cool toys and girls have the cool clothes. Of course, this will probably translate into boys having the expensive toys later and girls having the expensive clothes later. Remind me of that in the teenage years!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009