Monday, February 23, 2009

Michael's New Room

When we found out that we were expecting baby #2, we debated on what room the kids should go in. If #2 was another boy, then we wanted to get furniture that both of them could use, as we planned to have them share a room for a few years when they were a bit older. Well, #2 is going to be a girl so they will not be sharing a room. We decided to move Michael into our current guest room and put Katie into Michael's old room, as it was already set up for a nursery. We did plan to do some updates to the nursery to make it more girly and we have been working hard on that. It's not quite done yet. But Michael's new room finally is and we would love to share it with you.

Michael's room is primarily done in a Cars theme but also has sports items in there too. We also tied in the colors red and blue, which we thought were great for a little boy. We ended up getting him a loft bed with a twin bed on top and a full bed on the bottom. It also has steps leading up to the top instead of a ladder. Because of this safety feature, Michael already sleeps up top! And he loves his new bed. We really had to fight him on getting him to sleep in the toddler bed and he tried to get out every night. We rarely see him since we moved him into his new room about 2 months ago. We also wanted to give him time to get adjusted to his room so he wouldn't think that he was being displaced from the nursery.

Here are some pictures of Michael's new room (and of course, a few of Michael in his room).....we love it and think you will too!!


Joanna said...

LOL! I love his slippers! They are great.

His room is really cool. I love the bed. In fact, I think I want one. It looks fun. Of course, I also like the color of the room. It's very close to the color of my Michael's room.

DuBose Family said...

I LOVE IT! The room looks great. You all did a wonderful job. If I had that room and bed I'd stay in it too! Very cool

Carrie77 said...

Nathan is a CARS lover, too, but we did his room in an airplane theme. I LOVE the bed- where did you find it at? I have never seen steps before- just ladders!!! His slippers are adorable. So why is there a dry erase board up? Does he color on it?

Jessica and Jason said...

Looks GREAT!!