Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Date Night

Todd and I went on our first date tonight since Katie was born in March. I think the last time we went out together on a date was for my birthday in January! That's too long to go by without having some time alone together. We did go to Michael's preschool orientation and to run some errands without kids but that's not the same.

We decided to eat at the Olive Garden. Our dinner was good and the conversation was even better. It was nice to be able to eat a meal without having a baby in one arm or having to watch Thomas! This was really the unofficial dinner to celebrate our ninth anniversary, which is on the 30th of September.

We really enjoyed ourselves and I think we shouldn't let this long go by without another date night. Looking forward to celebrating our anniversary next week!


Jennifer said...

Glad you enjoyed date night. Happy Anniversary a bit early!

Mel said...

Happy Anniversary! I agree, eating without a baby in one arm and without having to tell a 3 year old to be still is simply heaven. Glad you enjoyed!

Joanna said...

Date nights are SWEET! I hope you'll get a few more chances over the months to come.

Staci said...

I LOVE date nights. Now that we're close to family...they happen much more often. Glad that y'all had so much fun!