Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Well, it's official. Michael likes sweets! On Wednesday night, I was in the kitchen washing bottles and Michael was crawling around on the floor. I had set up what I thought was a blockade to the living room with the exersaucer and some chairs. Of course, Michael found a way to crawl around/through it and made his way into the living room. He pulled himself up onto the coffee table as he always find interesting things up there. I looked over at him and he had the package of Oreos in his hand and was banging it on the table. I figured it was harmless enough since the cookies were in the package. Well, I looked back over a minute later and he had taken the tray out of the wrapper and about 10 cookies were all over the table.

He even had one in his mouth! I ran to get the video camera because seeing his face was just hysterical and he looked as if he had enjoyed every bite of the cookie. It was already half eaten by the time I got to the table. What's so funny is that this definitely would not have been a finger food that I would have given to him. A short video of him in the aftermath is below. Enjoy!!


Staci said...

How funny! He looks like he had it all over his face! lol

Kelly said...

That is so cute. He looked like he had so much fun eating those.

LAURODM said...

OMG,.. That is so cute,.. especially since I'm watching that now and he's almost 6!